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NEW!  Now runs with TWS from Interactive Brokers.


  • Japanese Candlestick Charting
  • Realtime 3 Price Break Calculation
  • Fibonacci Based Time Analysis
  • Market Structure Reversals
  • Targets and Pivots
  • Built-in Daily Playback of Chart Data
    to Hone Trading Skills Offline
  • Calculates and Plots Daily, Current and Major Trading Ranges
  • Used for  Stocks, Futures, Currencies
  • Rolling three period triggers with ordinal trend tracking
  • User configurable time periods
  • User configurable trading periods
  • 24-hour time window
  • Ral's scissors

This site is for user support for the RALoMatic software as presented by TCB Corporation in association with  Russell Arthur Lockhart, PhD ('ral' to us online).

The RALoMatic software is based on the trading techniques as described by Dr. Lockhart in his manual 'Hints and Helps For Daytraders' published by The Lockhart Press. It is offered as an educational tool and is not intended for financial advice. Additional information about Dr. Lockhart's trading tools and the manual itself can be found at his website. Any use of these tools for trading is done at the trader's own risk.


Effective use of the RALoMatic software requires knowledge of basic trading concepts and Dr. Lockharts methods specifically. New users will be accepted by invitation only.  If you wish to be considered or have specific questions, please sent a note to Dr. Lockhart.



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